Often described as a “Telephone Assassin” much of my work is initiated over the phone and after years perfecting how to approach and attract new potential customers and companies that might form a strategic alliance, I have run out of time to do it all myself and begun teaching my clients to do it for themselves. Opening doors, finding opportunities and cultivating relationships

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opening doors & creating opportunities


If you need help generating decent leads and effective ways of finding more opportunities, then you’re in the right place. If you don’t consider yourself a natural “salesman” but find yourself responsible for creating new sales opportunities, then I can show you the perfect blend of Marketing and Sales techniques to get you in front of more of the right kinds of people.

So, if you’re responsible for generating new business and need a little help getting going or breaking into a new market, here are some areas where I can really help,

  • Curing “phone phobia” – Giving you the confidence to dial with purpose and make things happen.
    (Call structures, objection handling, avoiding rejection, building rapport, staying motivated)
  • Perfecting your pitch – What to say and who to say it to
    (What’s your “angle”, creating interest, best approaches to use & when, preparation & presentation)
  • Gathering good data – How to find, where to research and collate a decent database
    (Profiling your ideal client, CRM explained (3 levels to fit everyone), researching potential partnerships)
  • Building a pipeline – Getting you going
    (How to warm-up and qualify your sales leads)
  • Breaking into new markets – Selling a proposition or opportunity
    (Who to talk to, what to do/say, preparing for your approach)
  • Effective social media – Learn to “play the game” - Get results and value for all that time and effort
    (What social media work’s for you, how to test & measure, spreading the right message, finding useful information that helps you sell more)

How to improve

Everyone is different, we all have our own issues and some people need more help than others so here’s how you can get my help and support

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Our Workshops


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