Getting in Guide

Getting in Guide

The Getting-in Guide is coming soon and will be a collection of videos which explains each step of my processes for generating great leads consistently.

Stop selling and you’ll make more sales! I’ll show you how to generate and qualify leads that will convert to sales by themselves.

This home learning approach gives you access to the “Getting In” guide, which includes 12 comprehensive videos to give you the steps and processes you need to succeed.

All the support you need to make great calls, including:

Bite sized videos with techniques for telemarketing, including Call structures, Avoiding rejection, Overcoming objections, Staying positive, Motivational tips for the home worker, The importance of profiling, 3 (Free) levels of CRM, Researching prospects.

Audio downloads – See and hear good calls done properly, How to use your voice to get what you want, plus much more.

Other useful downloads include – Call structures, Business and personal SWOT analysis forms, Questionnaire that will help me cure your phone phobia in under 30 minutes

Webinars – 1 hour (weekly) webinars. Covering a variety of topics and discussing specific issues relevant to the listener. You can request the topics or areas you would find most useful

Telephone Assassins in Training – This is for busy people who like to learn alone at their own pace and would like a useful on-line resource, that they can visit and revisit for inspiration, motivation and ideas will help keep them on track, at a time that suits them.

My new book

Well my book is finally complete and I can’t wait to SHOUT about it! It is finally at the printers and will be ready for

next weeks BMG Lauch event in East Berkshire on Wednesday 18th September. Pre-order your copy now.


Everyone is different, we all have our own issues and some people need more help than others so here’s how you can get my help and support