Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough Coaching

Ideal for personal development, strategy sessions and accountability. 1-2-1 Coaching and small groups, with tailored programs designed to help Entrepreneurs, Sales & Customer Service leaders, and Professional Speakers.

There are 4 different Coaching options available to meet the needs and budgets of everyone.

Light-Coaching click to download overview – £1,350

4.5 hours which includes a 90 minute Breakthrough Session, and 3 hours of follow-on coaching of support and accountability – typically spread over 3-6 weeks.

30 day Breakthrough Program click to download overview – £2,895

UNLIMITED coaching for 30 days with guaranteed outcomes. Strategy session, troubleshooting, coaching and accountability is all included and by the end of the program you will be able to pick up the phone with confidence, and make things happen. Includes training materials.

VIP 30 day Breakthrough Program click to download overview – £3,999

Unlimited (as above) with recorded sessions and live call demonstrations where needed.

Troubleshooting and Accountability click to download overview – from £250 per hour

Flexible in how this time is used, it’s usually for on-going accountability and support, or to tackle specific issues and troubleshooting.

Our breakthrough coaching is divided into 4 main areas and is guaranteed to show you results in under 1 month.

Starting with the Discovery Mission we will do some diagnostics to fully understand your business and what you’re looking to achieve. From here, we’ll conduct our initial Breakthrough Session (usually around 90 minutes) to discuss, plan and target ourselves going forwards. This may include,

  • A growth strategy for your business going forwards

  • Hurdles and obstacles we’ll need to face

  • What needs to be done first, and what’s the plan for the next 3, 6, 12 months

  • What conversations need to happen inside your business (in Every department), and how to arm your staff to tackle them.

  • Milestones and targets to track progress, and drive faster results.

Every coaching client is different but these programs give you unlimited coaching and support for a full month, and by the end it is guaranteed to leave you confident to tackle any conversation or call your business needs to handle to drive success.

Once completing the program some clients choose to go onto a “light support program”, where we’ll have short regular calls to track your progress (and hold you accountable), and the option to use time for additional consulting and strategy review sessions.

For more info, give me a call on 07887 798033 or complete the enquiry form below.

“Over a year later, I still hear phrases being used in the office that came from Anthony’s workshop” – Sales Manager at Handicare

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