Professional Speaking

Professional Speaking

I’d love to speak at your event. Whether it’s for your organisation, or if you’re involved in a networking or business communities, or you put on events yourself and are looking for an inspirational speaker with some great tips about effective lead generation, then you’re in the right place.

Delivering useful, interesting and thought-provoking talks about creating new-business opportunities is what can be expected. After years of being the “sales and marketing manager” for multiple companies (at the same time) I will share some useful techniques and tips of how to generate leads, get past the “gate keeper”, build confidence and create rapport over the phone, plus much much more.

Every event is different and each talk is tailored to the audience, so please get in touch to discuss your ideas and budget so I can send you your information pack and put together a proposal. You can send me a message below or give me a call.


    Everyone is different, we all have our own issues and some people need more help than others so here’s how you can get my help and support